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Baby G (Small) ... Dense Slicker Brush ...

Baby G (Small) ... Dense Slicker Brush ...

Chris Christensen

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Chris Christensen's Baby G has 40% more pins than Baby K!

Perfect for hard to reach areas and toy breeds.

Baby G features:

  • Long Pins to penetrate deep into longer coats.
  • Special Pin Bend creates lift and movement, to pick up more coat.
  • Flexible Cushion, our signature cushion is gentle and forgiving.
  • Extreme Curved Back to allow more control, movement and direction.
  • Extra Long Ergonomic Handle reduces hand and arm fatigue.
  • Lightweight Beech Wood body
  • Neoprene for a good grip
  • Comfortable rounded pins 

Baby G recommended uses:

  • To fluff curly, cottony coats
  • To fluff and shape heads, toplines and legs
  • To work through dense coats all the way to the root
  • To remove thick undesirable undercoat
  • Use large on body and medium on legs, columns and poms

Dimensions - 2 3/8" W x 2 3/8" L Head & 7 1/2" Body Length

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