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Pro-Gro Conditioner ... 3 sizes ... starting at ...

Chris Christensen

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Pro-Gro™ Conditioner is a refinement of a formula that has been in use by professionals for over 50 years.  It provides all of the benefits of an oiled coat without the oily residue. Coats the hair and follicles to retain the natural oil of the hair shaft.  Helps prevent brittleness and breakage.

Use in the normal bathing routine - can be diluted up to 15:1 but better results are achieved with less dilution and more time on the coat.

For heavily damaged coats, rinse out the shampoo and apply full strength. Leave on the coat for 5-30 min to let the conditioner fully penetrate the hair ... and rinse out. Mix a tablespoon of Pro Gro with water in a spray bottle and apply daily to the coat, between weekly bath treatments.

You will see some amazing results in just 2 weeks (3 baths).  


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