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Chris Christensen's Buttercombs are quite simply the most amazing collection of combs in the world.  You'll get more out of them because we've put more into them. Handcrafted to the smallest detail, Chris Christensen Buttercombs have exceptionally smooth steel teeth with highly finished tips which glide through the coat like butter! 

These exceptional combs are made with a solid brass core with round core top and stainless steel teeth which are solidly embedded in a solid brass core creating an ultra-strong, long lasting tool that is more comfortable to use.  The high quality nickel chrome finish is durable and beautiful and the solid brass core cuts down on static electricity.

Try a Chris Christensen Buttercomb and you won't use another again!

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  • Buttercomb #00C - 6 1/2" Course/Fine "Crescent Comb" ... Ideal for those hard-to-reach areas that require precision, such as around the eyes, face, beard, ears and eye brows.
  • Buttercomb #00R - 5" Medium/Fine ... Perfect for smaller dogs and discreet touch-ups in the ring.
  • Buttercomb #00X - 7 1/2" Extra Fine/Fine ... Our most refined and elegant Buttercomb, made for the most delicate coats and furnishings.