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Chris Christensen has formulated a line of conditioners to meet the specific requirements of each coat type to ensure you attain the desired outcome.

Stand-Alone Conditioners

After U Bathe - Moisturizes and Seals Coat While Reducing Drying Time Significantly

Pro-Gro - Helps Prevent Brittleness and Breakage. 

Bathing Conditioners (with matching Shampoos)

Day to Day - Moisturize The Coat While Soothing Dry Irritated Skin in All Coats

Spectrum One - Repair and Protect Without Softening a Crisp Coat
Spectrum Five - Moisturize the Skin and Decrease Itching and Flaking in Smooth Coats
Spectrum Ten - Eliminates Frizz and Creates a Sleek Finish in Drop Coats 
Tame-It - Helps to Mend Split Ends as well as Loosen up and Unwind Curls

Ice on Ice - Restores Moisture Balance While Eliminating Knots and Tangles
Miracle Moisture - Returns dull, dry, lifeless coats to their original shine and texture

Miracle Repair - Restores strength to brittle coats and to prevent future damage from grooming and environmental factors

Leave-In Conditioners

Ice on Ice Detangling Spray - Finishing Spray & De-tangler with Sunscreen that also Repels Dirt and Urine

Ice on Ice Ultra Dematting Conditioning Spray - Penetrates Deep into the Hair Shaft, Moisturizing and De-Tangling From Within
Precious Drops - Reduce Frizz, Moisturize, Reduce Matting and Eliminate Breakage

Coatlink - Re-hydration for Double-Coated Breeds and Drop Coats 
Quench - Feather-Light Moisturizer for Superior Conditioning and Shine

Silk Spirits - Liquid Silk Protein for a  Silky Smooth Texture, Lively Volume and a Shimmering Shine

Pro-Gro - Dilute 15-1 For a Leave-In Conditioner Between Baths to Help Prevent Brittleness and Breakage. 

Smart Groom Conditioners

6 Different Conditioners that are Paired with the Smart Groom Shampoos for Professional Groomers

  • Cherry & Oats
  • Tropical Breeze
  • Papaya Starfruit
  • Jungle Apple
  • Hydrating Chamomile
  • Soothing Vanilla Oatmeal