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Toys - Hugglehounds


HuggleHounds® was founded in 2009 by Julie Krauss and Bob Flynn, industry experts with over 50 plus combined years of experience in the pet category. Julie and Bob had a goal – to fill a void in the pet-toy marketplace by creating unique, design-driven, highly-styled pet products that combined in-depth research and cutting-edge technology, resulting in great toy designs with maximum durability. HuggleHounds innovation does all that and more! Other manufacturers tout chew-proof toys, but HuggleHounds invented the exclusive Tuffut Technology®, our unique, double-layer Tuffut lining (easily identified by its Firefly Green color) that makes our products the most durable and long lasting toys available.


  • Our brand products are easily identified by our fresh, green double H signature. 
  • We pack more research, technology, and cutting-edge manufacturing techniques than anyone else in the market


Tuffut is the ingredient that makes our products the strongest, most durable plush toys produced.  Other manufacturers might tout chew-proof toys, but HuggleHounds invented the durable double-layer Tuffut Technology lining, identified by its firefly green color, so don’t settle for less. Our exclusive, innovative lining means every Tuffut Technology toy comes equipped with two hidden layers - tested to withstand 100 Pounds of tugging and pulling pressure – and the layers are laminated to one another. It is then affixed to the outside plush fabric, before being sewn into the toys. This 2-layer process is what makes our toys so special – extra protection from aggressive chewers! Look for our tag with a sample of our Tuffut lining when you shop for plush toys for your pet.


Dogs come in all shapes and sizes, and pet owners always know their pups best. At HuggleHounds, we make toys, beds and mats “right-sized” for every dog size and every shape, from our little Wee friends to Super-Sized doggos!

Use this handy reference chart for the dimensions of all our HuggleHounds toys.