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Clean Start System Kit

Clean Start System Kit

Chris Christensen

  • 1500

Clean Start System Kit for all breed types ... give them a try!


4 oz Clean Start Shampoo
4 oz.Thick N Thicker Foaming Protein 4 oz
4 oz. After U Bathe 4 oz
2 oz Ice on Ice Ready To Use

Directions for the utmost Coat Care using the Chris Christensen Systems Clean Start Kit:
  1. Use Clean Start Clarifying Shampoo first, pre-wet coat, apply directly to coat or you can dilute up to 8:1, work into a lather, rinse thoroughly.
  2. Apply Thick N Thicker Foaming Protein to your clean, wet coat.  Thoroughly work the dense foam from the base of the coat, paying particular attention to the ends of the coat for 2 to 3 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with warm water.
  3. Apply After u Bathe liberally directly into the wet coat, work through coat with fingers, rinse thoroughly.
  4. Spray Ice on Ice into coat while wet or while drying the coat.  Use short, quick strokes and spray evenly.  Leave in the coat, do not rinse. 

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