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Colour System Kit

Colour System Kit

Chris Christensen

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Try all 4 of our Colour Enhancing Shampoos in ONE KIT!

Colour System Kit includes:

4 oz White on White
4 oz Black on Black
4 oz Gold on Gold
4 oz Red on Red


White on White - Gets the yellow out! Unlike other whitening shampoos, White on White can be used on all coat colors!  This product is an optic intensifying treatment within a shampoo, removing all yellow stains and leaving a lustrous sheen on darker coat colors.  Contains no bleaching agents, no caustic chemicals, or softening agents.
Black on Black - Gets the red out! Black on Black is an optic intensifying color revitalizing treatment within a shampoo.  Formulated specifically for use on black coats.  Restores the intense black color to coats stripped of their color by the bleaching effects of the sun.
Gold on Gold - Gold on Gold is a treatment within a shampoo to enrich gold, brown and red color tones.  Works beautifully on dark multi-colored breeds such as German Shepherds and Belgian Sheepdogs.  Intensifies gold, enhancing the depth of color in the coat and enhances all warm colors; reds, browns, golds and tans.
Red on Red - Enrich red, mahogany shades and deep mahogany to gold mahogany shades.  Mix with other Chris Christensen color corrective shampoos to create the perfect shade.  Not for use on coats lighter than the product or any coats with white mixed within.

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