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Chris Christensen's Shear Collection is second to none ... design, craftsmanship, quality and guarantee ... but we haven't stopped there.  We are continuing to evolve as higher quality materials allow us to push our designs even further to bring only the best to you.


  • Adalynn Series is a hybrid convex/bevel shear that allows for both bulk cutting and fine detail work, making them the perfect choice for any level of expertise. (Only available in Right Handed models at this time)


  • Artisan Series is a razor-sharp convex finishing line, with a myriad of texturizing and specialty scissors along with the traditional straight and curved scissors professionals need to complete the finishing touches to their breed. (Only available in Right Handed models at this time)
  • Master Series was made for the grooming professional, with a convex edge combined with a slight bevel, designed to allow bulk cutting while providing a beautiful finish. (Only available in Right Handed models at this time)


  • The Merlynn Collection and Celestial Series will continue to be available in limited supply.
  • The Zorro, Jasmine, Jasmine Premier and Denali have been marked down and will be removed when these last few are gone.

Note: Right Handed models appear at the beginning of the list. Left Handed models appear at the end of the list.