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Stripping Tools

Chris Christensen's Stripping Knives are ergonomically designed to allow you to strip the dogs coat in half the time with less hand and arm fatigue. Experienced craftsmen hand finish each stripping knife. Teeth are milled to perfection. This is a truly extraordinary stripping knife to replace all other stripping knives. High quality, polished steel blade is reinforced for extra durability and strength.


  • Pro Knives have the approval and have met the expectations of professional handlers of coarse coated breeds.
  • Folding Pocket Stripping Knives fold into its ergonomic handle to protect it while not in use and to protect clothing for ring-side use. The Folding Pocket Stripping Knives come in four blade styles: Extra Fine, Fine, Medium and Coarse.
  • Stone On A Stick provides a comfortable wooden handle topped with a coarse stone for gentle hair removal. Perfect for carding; just firm strokes in the hair growth to remove loose coat.