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Smart Wash 50 (Soothing Vanilla Oatmeal) Shampoo ... 3 sizes ... starting at ...

Chris Christensen

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Smart Wash 50 Soothing Vanilla Oatmeal Shampoo™

Smart Wash 50 Soothing Vanilla Oatmeal Shampoo by Chris Christensen Systems is designed to soothe and calm itchy, dry, sensitive skin while still providing a deep clean. Highly concentrated (50:1), it gently but effectively removes oil, debris, and allergens that weigh down the coat and irritate the skin, yet won’t strip the coat of essential oils. Great for all coat types, canine and feline, leaving the skin refreshed and the coat clean and shiny. Infused with gentle natural vanilla for a relaxing, soft scent.

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 Consider buying a Pump ($4) for the 128 oz (gallon) bottle

 ... or an Applicator Bottle ($3) to dilute and apply the shampoo.

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