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Octopus - Ruff-Tex

Octopus - Ruff-Tex


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Ruff Tex® Plush toys are the most deliriously delightful toy mixture ever concocted!  We combine the plushest of plush with the toughest of tuff and, pouf!, out comes a mix-master sure to please dogs everywhere. Available in fun combinations of texture and colors, they share a combination of tuff and plush. Whether it’s our interactive, oversized puppets or everyone’s favorite Bugsy and Ruff-Tex Dude, Ruff-Tex Plush toys mean fun will always be at hand!  

  • Puppets are interactive toys designed for play - every toy has a squeaker
  • Ruff-Tex is made of all natural, durable, flexible rubber, and are thickly walled and stuffed

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