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Eye Envy

  • 500

For use with Eye Envy Solution. These gentle action applicator pads,allow just enough roughness to “push” the solution deeper into the stained area without causing irritation. The texture of our Rayon/Polypropylene application pads, allow deeper penetration into your pet’s fur. Slight exfoliation during application improves outcome.

The pads are thin and take up the solution quickly without soaking up a lot of product in the process. Compared to some cotton pads purchased at a retail store, our pads do not have little "hairs" protruding from the edge of the pad to get in your cat's eyes. They easily saturate the hair to the skin so the powder can do its work most effectively.


  • Jar (contains 30 pads)
  • Bag (contains 30 replacement pads)

    Approximately 1 package per 2 ounces of solution.  For smaller pets, you may wish to cut the pad, still using the finished edge toward the eye.

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