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Gold Series (20mm)

Gold Series (20mm)

Chris Christensen

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Chris Christensen's Gold Series are the perfect pin brushes for delicate coats.  Ultra flexible cushion with ground and polished gold plated stainless steel comfort tips and 30% more pins than the original series. 

The Gold Series offers:

  • Lightweight and durable Beech Wood
  • Ultra-soft cushion
  • 30% more pins than the Original Series
  • Gold plated Stainless Steel pins
  • Pins are finely ground, rounded and polished to gently glide through the coat eliminating breakage

Why invest in a Chris Christensen Brush?

Chris Christensen Brushes are manufactured from the highest quality materials in Germany, the country famous for centuries of artisan brush-making.  Experienced craftsmen, who take pride in their work, hand finish each tool to perfection.  The pins of each brush have been polished and ground to create soft round tips that glide through the coat, eliminating coat breakage and offering exceptional comfort to your canine.  Our ergonomically designed brushes give you the control and results you need.

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