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Precious Drops Keratin Spray ... ready-to-use & concentrate ... starting at ...

Chris Christensen

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Precious Drops is a blend of Keratin Proteins and essential oils of the Lavender Blossom.  Infuse each strand of the hair with hydrating Precious Drops™ to reduce frizz, moisturize, reduce matting and eliminate breakage.  The essence of control for all drop coat breeds; producing soft,unimaginably sleek, flowing coats with brilliant shine!

Precious Drops produces silky soft and illuminating shine for an unbelievably sleek, flowing coat.  Experience amazing results instantly on those fluffy, cottony, unmanageable coats.

Keratin proteins fortify each strand of hair with hydrating moisture therapy giving a luxurious, deep conditioning, leave-in treatment that soothes, softens, straightens and adds a radiant gloss.  Protect dry, thirsty, damaged coat, leaving the coat revitalized, rejuvenated and full of healthy sheen.

Anti-Breakage and Matting ... say goodbye to excess breakage and reduce matting.  Precious Drops promotes hair growth and adds strength.  Hydrated, healthy coats that are infused with Keratin Proteins are less likely to break, tangle and matt.  Use daily on dry coats and brush through. 

Precious Drops concentrate is excellent for wrapping coats.  Apply Precious Drops in its concentrated form to each section that is going to be wrapped, then proceed with wrapping in your normal fashion.

Precious Drops Concentrate - Dilute 4:1 (Dilution rate is only a suggestion and may vary based on coat type and desired results)

 Precious Drop Demonstration ... Click Here

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