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Wood Pin (Tiny Tot) ... 15mm

Wood Pin (Tiny Tot) ... 15mm

Chris Christensen

  • 1200

Chris Christensen's Wood Pin Brush are the original wood pin brushes in the industry.

The Wood Pin Brush Series offers:

  • Wood pins are made from Hornbeam wood
  • Wooden pins reduce painful pulling that can damage or break the hair under the strain
  • Wooden pin brushes use the natural oils to polish the hair by distributing sebum and/or applied oils.
  • 100% Static Fee
  • Also available with our KoolColor, GroomGriip, Non-Slip Coating

Recommended uses:

  • Daily maintenance
  • Massage dogs coat and skin to distribute natural oils
  • Great for new puppies or dogs who normally prefer not to be brushed
  • Wonderful for rehabilitating dogs with bad experiences
  • Best for blow drying the coat, no static or brush burn
  • Safest and most gentle way to detangle hair, wood pins delicately separate the area of the tangle from the rest of the hair, then they gently loosen the tangle by drawing individual hairs upward and away from the knot.  This will also avoid tightening any knots which are already present 

Why invest in a Chris Christensen Brush?

Chris Christensen Brushes are manufactured from the highest quality materials in Germany, the country famous for centuries of artisan brush-making.  Experienced craftsmen, who take pride in their work, hand finish each tool to perfection.  The pins of each brush have been polished and ground to create soft round tips that glide through the coat, eliminating coat breakage and offering exceptional comfort to your canine.  Our ergonomically designed brushes give you the control and results you need.

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